About Kay Severinsen

Kay Severinsen headshot

KAY SEVERINSEN is a strong writer and editor with significant experience in project management, web content development, marketing and messaging.

As assistant director of public relations at the Society for Vascular Surgery, she developed media campaigns and produced press releases for both public and professional audiences on vascular health, and designed  and coordinated the external communications plans for the Society. Prior to this position, she was content manager for the SVS, writing, editing and managing communications, email newsletters and magazine content for society members.

Previously, at the Sun-Times, she wrote a weekly real estate column and feature stories, and later became digital editor of special sections.

Kay is a fast learner and a flexible content creator. Within a few months she retooled herself from a real estate writer for a general audience to a medical writer for an audience of surgeons. Some of her Sun-Times real estate columns and other writing samples are available on this site. In addition to writing, editing, project management and web content development, Kay has a solid foundation in graphics and page design and in the use of a variety of digital design tools.

Facing Surgery? Quit Smoking now for a safer procedure.”

Doctor to astronauts researches space flight to cure Earthlings. [PDF], p. 8

“Home repairs: How to know when to DIY and when to CAP (call a pro)” Dreamtown.

“Five ways to pick the perfect neighborhood,” Dreamtown.

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